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I Have a Website!

Playing music, and supporting others in their musical journey, is my souls purpose.

Playing music, and supporting others in their musical journey, is my souls purpose.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsh

I would like to be the first to introduce you to my website that I am over the moon for and absolutely in love with.  Not only am I finally stepping into my own as a music teacher here in Thunder Bay Ontario, I am stepping into the rhelm of being a holistic spiritually based music teacher/coach.  A very interesting combination indeed.  One that took many many years to fully accept, and now with the help and encouragement from many lovely strong women that have recently come into my life I feel I am ready to fully step in.

These women are "Yes" Women and have inspired me to create my niche that is unique to me.  These lovely women build you up with trusting support, and never knock you down.  They are an intrigal piece to the puzzle I was creating.  Angela G, Stacey H, Meg S, Alison G Thank You Ladies from the bottom of my heart for your creative spirits, and the light you shine so brightly!  Also thank you for the needed boost in confidence and confirming for me what I knew deep in my heart for so long. Your efforts, beauty, and grace do not go unnoticed.  Thank you for your ability to hold space for me when I needed it, for creating and editing with non judgmental eyes and ears, and for seeing something in me that i never thought could possibly be meshed together as seamlessly as it has. Thank You for sharing and helping me learn how to receive from others.  A True Gift!  

There is a saying that I saw in my very near and dear RMT's office (Mrs. Alison G) that has been rattling around in my head for quite sometime. The quote is by Neale Donald Walsh that states "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." This saying is ringing so true for me in 2015.  I have pushed myself more than ever outside of my comfort zone and things are really starting to jive in my life, and all around me.  

I used to be very comfortable with the easy way of doing what was necessary to get through the day, to just start another.  This, I now know is no way to live your most authentic life.  Living an Authentic life has now become a passion and a goal for me in the last year.  It has pushed me to let go of the old to make room for the new.  With living outside of your comfort zone there has to be an acceptance of change, change for the better.  There is fear around change for some, for me living more authentically was not an easy transition.  However, with much self awareness and a lot of care and trust I started to make the necessary changes in my life that facilitated me in outputting large amounts of creative, integrative and soul searching work.  

Sometimes as we know, change is terrifying but I started to make slow changes that helped me shift the way I look at things and see the word. By giving myself permission to get rid of some very negative habits, I was able to make peace to integrate some new life and energy into my creative work and my everyday life.  Some of this creative work is not the highest of quality nor is the the be all end all, but as long as I am creating and welcoming my creative work to change and morph on a daily basis, life is good. As creative people we tend to judge ourselves before we even start to out put anything.  Time to Stop the Judgement, It is now the time to start Creating....Whatever that looks like to you.  Free Yourself from the confines of self doubt and judgment....and Jump Right in!

As an energy practitioner I have always had a major separation between what I do in studio with the music and students and what I do with my energy work for my clients.  It is so refreshing to rip off the veil and be able to offer both under one roof.  No longer am I Arley the vocal teacher and coach or Arley the Energy Practitioner I am integrating both practices into one amazing space to work from creatively!  And it is all about freeing yourself to be in the space and energy. To give yourself permission to let go and sing, to try an energy practice and heal those inhibitions from the inside out!  

This Website has been a major focus of this creative work lately and I am so proud of it.  I hope you have time to take a look at what is going on. Feel free to subscribe to the website to get your free vocal lesson and keep in touch with whats happening in and out of the studio!  The websites name is Arley Hughes Discovering Your Authentic Voice. Come and visit anytime!




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