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Women's Song Circle

Women's Song Circle



As I sit here and listen to some of my favorite music thinking of this beautiful gathering that is going to commence in a few weeks, I am utterly glowing with anticipation.  I will be holding space for a gathering of woman's voices to come together for two hours on April 24th at 8:00 pm in my studio space on 3050 Hunter Rd  to experience a community singing circle in which all women who want to sing out are welcome.  

The past few months have been interesting for me as I have been introduced to many women who are all taking lessons from me who have expressed an interest in making music together.  This is so exciting as a teacher and coach because it will grant permission to those who want to sing, are too shy and or intimidated to share their solo voice.  We will allow those voices to be held by the group and given the freedom to experiment with their true voice!  The support of being in a group is an amazing experience as we find out that our voices actually fit into this place with the support of others.  

So I welcome all who would like to share, and sing in unison or harmony, and join with us in song to lift ourselves into the creative realm together. Leave your ideas of perfection at the door and come into the idea that all voices have a place in this space to evolve and grow.

As I talk to women in the community and they find out that I am a vocal teacher their eyes get wide with the excitement of the thought of sharing that unique sound.  I ask many of them what their vocal story is. Many people have a vocal story and it is intriguing to me that more often than not they are ones of deep seated emotion and programming as someone in their past had silenced them or told them they were not good enough.  So many have kept their voices hidden or never sang for anyone but themselves.

Now is the time!! So I invite all of you who want to sing again with wild abandon!!  Come and join the Circle!  Let it be messy, off key, quiet and contemplative, big and outrageous!!!  All I ask is that you come with an open heart and sing from that space!!

How Does the Singing Circle Work

I will be picking three or four songs to start us off.  As we go I will be picking songs from all genres, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Folk, Bluegrass, Indie...etc.  I will be supporting the group with acoustic guitar and or piano.  We will start off the song circle with a good vocal warm up that will consist of either some strong oming, scales, and or a Kirtan song  and then we will jump right into the song choices.  I will be uploading versions of the songs onto my YouTube page which is Arley Hughes so that everyone will get a chance to hear the versions that we will be singing.  

Please prepare a folder or a small binder for yourself with the lyrics that will be used for singing, then go onto any lyric website copy and print out the lyrics needed for that week.  This folder will be yours for the duration of the Song Circles, so decorate it and or put some juicy love into it!!!! SO FUN!  Please Bring a yoga mat and or a cushion to sit on as there will be limited chairs to use, as some of the work we will be seated or standing do what feels good to you.  Bring a water bottle and your favorite blanket or shawl.  Song Circle is by donation.  If there is a high demand for the Song Circle I would like to be able to offer it on an ongoing basis, perhaps the last Friday of every month.  Performance opportunities will also be offered for those interested as we move through the practice!  If you are interested in signing up please visit my website and find the Work With Me Tab go into woman's song circle and sign up!  Information about location of the studio will be sent to you within the week!  

Looking Forward to Hearing Our Wild Voices Merge!!!!

I have two Vocal Warm Ups on YouTube as well check them out if you would like an easy way to get those chords moving!

YouTube: Arley Hughes

First Songs!!!

Hey Jude  by The Beatles

Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby Emmy Lou Harris

The Way I Am Ingrid Michaelson

You Never Need Nobody The Lone Bellow





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