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Vocal Guitar Songwriting

Photo by sutteerug/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by sutteerug/iStock / Getty Images

Not your Standard Music Teacher

My time spent with you in studio takes on many different forms and with that, the expectation of what I offer as a “music teacher”.

I have taught music lessons for 17 years of my life morphing through perfection, skill, and performance to ease and freedom within its structure. I have come to a place in my career where music is just one element of what I offer.

What I offer takes on many different forms.

I am not your standard vocal and guitar teacher.

Heres what Lessons Could look Like

  • Sometimes we sing and play music (Lots of It)

  • Sometimes I teach you

  • Sometimes we chat about life

  • Sometimes we cry together

  • Sometimes we laugh until we cry

  • Sometimes we don’t play, or sing music at all...because some’s just not about the music. It’s about sharing the human experience

  • Sometimes we write

  • Sometimes we song-write

  • Sometimes I will encourage you to pick up the guitar....that’s a lie.....
    I will always encourage you to pick up a guitar.

  • Sometimes I will guide you with bits of inspiration.....ideas....lots of love....and the occasional gentle but firm nudge outside the box we find ourselves in.

  • Sometimes we will perform

  • I will always support you

  • I will always be your loudest cheerleader, and enthusiastic guide to almost annoying proportions.....

  • I will spur you on to be completely, unabashedly, creatively unique, and one hundred

  • However you show up......
    We can take it from exactly where you are.

New Ways

If you are looking for a more standard teaching practices i.e.

  • Theory

  • Note Reading

  • Festivals

  • Process

  • Pushing

  • Competition

    Musical Theatre Performances


    If that is what you are looking for....
    I would love to point you in the direction of several other highly skilled and talented teachers here in Thunder Bay.

    Because we have some of the best teachers out there!!!

I offer something different.

I’m getting very excited to be with you and explore your expansive, original, imaginative depths without the heaviness of process, pushing, and the weight of expectation....

My intentions for the time we spend together is:

  • That we learn to enjoy music in a free and loving manner

  • That I will hold space and support you in your exploration of self and music

  • That I will be your guide within that form

  • That you will get out of it what you put into it

      Half-Hour Session $30 | Hour Session $60

*Please understand that I have reserved this time especially for us to work together

We will play beautifully together if:

  • You want to learn how to explore your creative soul

  • You want to start to writing your own songs

  • You want to play and sing because music makes you happy

  • You want to learn how to play an instrument to support your voice

  • You want to start playing open stages

  • You want to play around the campfire or with friends

  • You want to explore your art scars and why you may have stopped singing or playing

  • You want to delve deeper into self knowledge and healing through music

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